Cindy and Stu

Cindy and Stu had a beautiful and romantic fall wedding day at Laurel Creek Manor a few weeks ago. We were really happy to be back photographing at Laurel Creek. It was a a wonderful, heartfelt day and we were so happy to be there with Cindy, Stu and all their friends and family!

Alan/Ouida Teel - Absolutely lovely and marvelous.
A more perfect pair would be impossible to imagine.
May they have a long a happy life, and while
their love is apparent and abundant, may it grow
through the years with them.

Ouida Teel - I would like to buy some prints of just our family. There were no copies in the above pictures. Can you tell me how I can get some pictures of our family? We are Stuarts grandparents and all of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are in the picture with the new bride and groom. Your pictures are all beautiful. A great job. Thank you. Ouida Teel.

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