Janey Graduating

I’ve been considering taking a new approach to our grad portraits— trying in both method and spirit to make them less like the formal, posed, and predictable bland old things of yore. Instead, I want our sessions to be like fashion photo shoots done for magazines and catalogues—fast paced, with unusual poses and locations, dramatic lighting, interesting outfits, etc.

So, do you think Janey fulfilled my vision? I think YES! Is this girl hot stuff or what?! Her great poses, smokin’ eyes and bold outfits made for some amazing material. (The gorgeous evening lighting helped a little too!)  We loved getting to know Janey better and had fun posing her in the snow, mud, grass and dirt. Thanks Janey for being such an awesome model! Best of luck after graduation!

IMG_9223IMG_9150IMG_9117IMG_9283   IMG_9333IMG_9231


To see a full gallery of Janey’s hotness photos, click here: password needed

chris - I like the studio shots the best

Laurie Wadsworth - oh they are so good..I have favorites, I love the black & white with Janie looking straight on and also the very last one..the lighting! Janie has the most beautiful eyes!
I also love the black and white laughing one…she has such a great smile too. Well done Kali and Eric.

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