Jerome and Kristi: Expecting

We are so happy to be able to call Kristi and Jerome our friends. They are two of the most genuinely friendly and kind people we have ever met. We photographed their wedding a year and a half ago, and we couldn’t be more excited for them now as they are expecting “Baby O.” Kristi, you look truly radiant in these photos, and I love seeing how much Jerome adores you! I can’t wait to meet the new member of your family!


IMG_2929IMG_2938IMG_5352IMG_5341IMG_5401IMG_5443IMG_5611       See a full gallery of Kristi here.

Steph and Paul Take the Plunge

The results of our first underwater photo shoot. A special thank you to Lexie and JT for letting us use their beautiful swimming pool.IMG_1092IMG_1086IMG_1074IMG_0843IMG_1102IMG_0974IMG_0861IMG_0991IMG_5012

To see a full gallery of underwater shots, click here. Password needed!

I hope this shoot was just the first of many underwater projects to come!  If anyone out there wants an underwater portrait, please let us know. We are dying to try it again!

IMG_1140      My sweetie!         

Kara - These are crazy, I can’t believe how great they look, underwater, eyes open!

Jaclyn Marie - SOO SOOO COOL!!!!! I would LOOOVE to have my portrait made underwater!!! So many ideas in my head right now…Kali, this is going to be really popular! Underwater bridal sessions? Are you kidding me?? TOO cool!