Our First Venture Into Video

Our good friend Andy loves video and he has started an online short film contest called "Ten Dollar Shorts." While we were hanging out last week in Utah we devoted an evening to filming his own submission. Andy wanted to use Eric’s new 5D Mark II to shoot it, and Eric was excited for the chance to experiment. Andy did a great job with the editing and story, and I love how the video turned out (good job Eric!)

So take a look see– You might get a glimpse of my acting debut!

A Saturday Morning (working title)

Cassie - OMG…I definately didn’t expect the ending, good job Kali! Everything in the clip was so clear and focused on so much detail. You guys did an amazing job 🙂

Lynda - As I was browsing through all of your amazing photography, I happened onto this disturbing video. At first, I wanted the recipe to the crepes real bad. I was totally sucked in……. Then he opens that door. I didn’t see it coming! I loved it! It was creepy, but real good..? Lynda Orme

Underwater Shoot Teaser!

So we did our first UNDERWATER photo shoot last week. It was so much fun. As soon as we were forced out of the pool by threat of lightning and shortage of time, Eric and I were whining “We wanna do it again!” We learned a lot during that first plunge with Steph and Paul. I am only sorry they had to be the guinea pigs!

Aren’t they the cutest?!

jump 2 copy copy


jump1 copy copy

Laurie Wadsworth - I Love these!! Steph and Paul look so good, the background so pretty and i love the color of the water. The perfect couple to try something new…LW

Carol Elliott - Who would have thought you could do this?

Steph is a beautiful mermaid. Very romantic to be all wet.