Stephanie: Bridal Portrait

Steph, you are the perfect bride! Paul is going to be stunned! I am loving the high collar dress.

Thanks to my aunt and uncle for letting us shoot at their beautiful home in Draper, UT.


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Gaylene Erwin - Hi Kali,
Your Aunt Anne gave me your website address and I have had so much fun looking at your work. You guys are awesome!

Utah Lake: Photographer’s Survivor!

We shipped our 20lb battery with its converter, cables, and all various parts and hauled our lighting gear to Utah last week.  The trip was for my brother’s graduation, but while we were in town we planned a photo shoot with our wonderfully talented photographer friend Rebekah Westover (She photographed our wedding and landed us a spread in Utah Bride!)

Rebekah was nice enough to scout the location for the shoot, (the marshy shores of Utah Lake) and round up two cute models. So the evening arrived and we hauled our gear down to Utah County beneath ominous skies. A huge Utah-style thunderstorm rolled in just when we stated shooting, complete with lightning and downpour. When we finally ventured out to steal a few shots, gigantic swarms of mosquitoes started attacking all of us! With the threat of electrocution from both the lighting and the battery on the wet ground, these were some survivor-like conditions! Truly, this shoot would test the determination of even the most passionate photographer.

We managed to snap a few shots with the softlighter, and a few more without. It was a fun time in the end—we ate dinner at Zupas, discussed the biz, and shared an amazing chocolate brownie!

IMG_3948IMG_3944IMG_3954IMG_3964IMG_3966IMG_4041 IMG_4008IMG_4091 IMG_4077 IMG_4064       To see a full gallery of Kiersten, click here!

Rebekah Westover - Ahhh, they turned out beautiful despite the hideous weather!

Lindsay - oooh, I love the tree lined road!