Stephanie and Paul: Engaged

If you are in the need of some cheering up, spend a little time with Steph and Paul. They are both chalk full of goofiness, fun-loving, cheesy jokes, and cute flirtations that keep them laughing at the little stuff. I wanted our engagement shoot to capture their fun-loving attitude, so I felt a visit to Sonic Burger was in order.


IMG_1913Our next stop was the neighborhood park. Steph’s favorite is the swings. Paul is good at pushing.IMG_4513IMG_2030IMG_2063IMG_2090For the sunset, we headed to a dramatic grassy field for a little less silly and a little more sexy!

IMG_2173IMG_4685IMG_2205IMG_2195IMG_2264IMG_2178IMG_2215IMG_2223IMG_2280IMG_2249IMG_2232IMG_4758IMG_2187IMG_2131              Ok, I can’t help it, these are too funny! Paul is scaring me!

IMG_4625IMG_4622Paul and Steph are getting married in Utah, so we will be back to my home state for their wedding next month. Needless to say, we can’t wait!                  

Chris - the one of her kissing him on the grass is my favorite

Carol Elliott - As usual, you captured their personalities. Now, everyone will want to know them because they are so much fun. A great combination of fun and romance. I’d give it a 10.

Emily and Eric: Married

Eric and Emily were married at the Auburn Golf Course on a beautiful June afternoon. Emily’s son Owen proudly walked her down the isle to where Eric stood waiting for them both. After the touching ceremony, the reception was held at the Copper Falls Restaurant right on the golf course. The live band was AMAZING and Owen definitely got his groove on.

We wish the best to this new little family! They had a beautiful day which is sure to be the start of a beautiful life. We were honored to be there!(Press the play button to start the show!)



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