Helene: Graduating

I am stunned. The light was dazzling, the weather cold, and our client amazing! A photographer’s dream shoot. (Except for the cold part- I am sick of wearing my winter coat to shoots!) Helene, you are gorgeous! I think you look like Kate from “Lost,” but prettier. 

IMG_0445IMG_0458IMG_0489                          IMG_1346





IMG_0747                          IMG_0780


IMG_0790IMG_0802IMG_0854                        IMG_1475

Kare - Beautiful shots, beautiful girl. You make it look so easy.

Rebekah Westover - Oh my, these are super fabulous! Great poses, locations, and colors! And of course a beautiful gal helps too!

Chris - last photo on the right, img1475 is my favorite!

Laurie Wadsworth - Kali and Eric..I love these. Could you find anyone with more gorgeous eyes, oh my. You guys are good!

Christina and Mike: Engaged

A Ruston Way walk with Christina, Mike, and adorable little Kayla.


IMG_1136IMG_0187                          IMG_0211IMG_1308IMG_1232                        IMG_1268   IMG_0365IMG_0385IMG_1198                     IMG_1278

Cassie - I love the reflection photos…you did a really nice job!

Rebekah Westover - These are gorgeous! I love the soft and natural editing you did