Talia Graduating

Loving those boots! Another gorgeous senior from Emerald Ridge. The captain of the basketball team, Talia is long, lean and easy-going. We had a great time shooting in previously unexplored corners of the farm. Congrats on graduation, and we wish you the best at school back east!

IMG_9177 IMG_9281IMG_9207IMG_9886IMG_9480IMG_9936IMG_9442IMG_9835 (2) copyIMG_9417IMG_9361

benj haisch - that third photo and the one of the boots are totally rad.

sandy - I have not seen these photos and they are so good. Love the boots and you really captured different personalities. I am sooo proud of your work.

Sara and Paul Engaged

This adventurous couple made the best out of a rainy photo shoot last weekend. The four of us headed into the nooks and crannies of down town Tacoma in search of dry ground and discovered some new favorite locations. Despite the icky weather I had a great time getting to know Sara and Paul a little better. We will be photographing their wedding on June 27th at the Olson Mansion. I can’t wait—these two have some sexy moves!

IMG_0580 IMG_0681 IMG_0847IMG_0865IMG_0800IMG_0997