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Brianna is a star in the world of Washington State gymnastics. She has been practicing pretty much for her entire life to become one of the very best. She even has a tattoo of the word “gymnast” on her right ankle. As she approaches graduation and the end of her competitive gymnastics career, Brianna says that she will miss the sport but that her body is more than ready for a rest! Her future plans include becoming a paramedic and coaching gymnastics.


Sharon Wilson - I realy enjoyed the pictures of my grand-daughter Brianna Howe

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Introducing our new improved wedding album, leather-bound with lay-flat, gilded pages, and inset front cover image.


Leather covers available in several color choices, including coffee, bone, black, burgundy and sage.


Gilding in silver or gold.


Every page opens flat, preventing any bit of the image from being cut out by a gutter.


The small 1/8” seam allows for full spread layouts.


I design the layouts with simplicity and elegance in mind.






Our new engagement photo sign-in book!


Full photo spread on front and back (hard) covers.

IMG_9932IMG_9953   Fun and simple layouts with accompanying areas for your guests to sign well-wishes. IMG_9939

Cover page.IMG_9944 These albums will be included in our new collections for 2009 wedding clients. Clients from 2008 with weddings in 2009—please let me know if you would like to upgrade to either of these products!