Jessy Graduating

Another stellar senior visited us at the farm this week. We seriously keep getting the cutest seniors! Her name is Jessy and she is currently suffering from a serious case of Sumner High Senior-itis. She is planning on heading North to Western Washington University after graduation. Check out those blue-green eyes with that red hair! So pretty…

IMG_9114 IMG_1774 IMG_1795 IMG_1849 IMG_9075To see Jessy’s online gallery,  click here. Password needed.

Jaclyn Marie - WOW she is stunning!!! You DO get the cutest seniors!

Thanks so much for the blog comment; you totally made my day! The dog tongue was also blind luck; he’s a licker though, so it makes sense the tongue would be caught licking at some point!

Honey Graduating

I am so proud. Honey graduated from Fun & Focus class last week. Here we are in her graduation photo with classmates. I love how all the dogs look like crazy green-eyed robo dogs… Thanks to Sarah, our trainer, for the photo!

IMG_4994 Jill, Bailey, Honey and Linus

Laurie Wadsworth - oh kali.. you and honey are the cutest! Scout is going to look wild and untrained next to honey..I’m still laughing about the robo dogs comment.