Aimee Graduating

Aimee came to us on a gorgeous spring evening for her portrait shoot at the Kelley Farm. And much gorgeousness ensued! I can truly say I am in love with these photos. I don’t think we can really take that much credit—with those clear blue eyes, blonde curls, and killer style, Aimee made our job easy. She is currently a student at Emerald Ridge High and will be heading to Gonzaga in the fall.

IMG_1165IMG_1096IMG_1140IMG_1284 IMG_1355 IMG_1391IMG_1449IMG_1444

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Lindsay - Oh my goodness, I love these!

Jaclyn Marie - TELL me there’s some beauty dish thrown in there?!?! If that’s all natural light, I think I need to move now! The first one is particularly amazing!

Chris - This girl is quite attractive if I may say so myself.

Kara - You guys do such a great job of capturing each person’s individual style!

Lindsay - That girl looks just like Charlize Theron. seriously.

Lia Graduating

Wandering around the back alleys of downtown Tacoma with Lia was pretty much a photographer’s dream shoot. First, we had great weather (that is saying a lot in Washington). Second, we had an interesting gritty location, and third, a totally fun client that knew how to work it!  It was around total wardrobe change #3 (we are talking head to toe, accessories, hair, and everything!) that I realized this girl has some serious style. Lia, thanks for being so adventurous in some less than savory sectors of the city! Wishing you the best at UW Tacoma and wherever life takes you!

IMG_0759IMG_0639 IMG_0668 IMG_0742  IMG_0790 IMG_0941 IMG_1014 IMG_8873 vintage

To see a full gallery of Lia’s photos, click here. (Password needed.)

benj haisch - nice! I just got back from tacoma, shooting around that same spot!

Rebekah Westover - These are so pretty. I ADORE the image of her with her hands on her face. So lovely!

Patty Gallagher - Wonderful pictures Lia—I am a very proud Aunt!