Baby + Teenagers + Puppy = Full Studio!

We had a crowded studio this week—full of beautiful curls, handsome faces, little stickie-outie dog tongues, and adorable baby cheeks.  Thanks Karen for bringing the whole troop to the studio! What a a bunch of fun grandkids you have!IMG_7961          IMG_8080            IMG_8042 IMG_8056  IMG_8225IMG_8150 IMG_8359 Access the complete online gallery here (password needed):


Jaclyn Marie - oh hello PRECIOUS little dog that I want to take home and keep for my very own!

Rebekah Westover - Oooh, I love these SO much. Especially the last dog photo!! It was so fun hanging with you guys today! Let’s get together in June!

I Put On My Modeling Shoes…

I played model last weekend while Eric experimented with some new lighting equipment. We were really excited with how our new light made another gray Northwest day appear dramatic and warm.  Hopefully more dramatic portraits are to come in some graduate shoots next month! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of where this style is going…IMG_7918             IMG_7666 IMG_7676             IMG_7752 IMG_7775 IMG_7808 IMG_7848            IMG_7849 IMG_7870 IMG_7872 IMG_7873 IMG_7881 IMG_7916

Kara - I love the new lighting! These photos are absolutely amazing, Kali you look great!

Sharla - Wow! Now I’m even more excited for Breann’s shoot! You guys do such a great job!!! I miss you, did I say that 🙂

Jaclyn Marie - OH my gosh these are fabulously dramatic!! Is that just a beauty dish?!?! It does an incredible job!

Carol Elliott - Absolutely terrific. You look like you could go on the cover of Vogue. The lighting, makeup, hair, color, etc. are perfect. You are on your way to a fabulous new design. (Too bad all the models aren’t as beautiful as my grand daughter) Love from your Grandma

Rebekah Westover - Kali is hot!! Great lighting!

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