Welcome Baby Riley

Riley is the smallest client we have ever had by far. At one week old, he was amazingly alert and cooperative. Big brother Garret gave us plenty of entertainment in between shots. I am always amazed at the perfect toes and fingers these little ones have, and the surprising array of faces they make as they take in their new world.  I hope we did little Riley justice—these tiny times are so fleeting. IMG_7267IMG_7180 IMG_7187 IMG_7223            IMG_7232 IMG_7256 IMG_7257    IMG_7377IMG_7415IMG_7414IMG_7449 IMG_7450 IMG_7487IMG_6810 IMG_7548

A full gallery of Riley here: Proof Site- Password Needed

Grandma Carol - This is absolutely adorable. I can’t believe he is only a week old. He must have been overdue. You have caught the most precious parts–little feet and hands. How could anything be cuter than the baby in the basket? His eyes are vocusing so well. Congratulations!!!you have just found one more fabulous talent. Love, Grandma Carol

Cowabunga! The 80’s Are Back!

Eric turned 28 this weekend and I had to throw a theme party. His sister Kara was in town AND it was Shawna’s big 30, so the time was ripe for a big shin-dig. I was so happy that everyone embraced their inner 80’s rocker, aerobics queen, movie character and/or nerd. Awesome outfits abounded, and a great time was had by all. Hope you had a happy birthday baby! Here are some of the best shots!IMG_0438  IMG_0527              IMG_0509IMG_0530 IMG_0490             IMG_0475 IMG_0472IMG_0453            IMG_0457 IMG_0454  IMG_0446 

IMG_0548IMG_0549 IMG_0547

A link to a full gallery of 80’s goodness:

Proof page

Lindsay - Ha! These are soooo awesome! Wish I could have been there!

Rebekah Westover - Bahahahhaha!!! I am dying over these. Pure hilarious. Slash is my fave, following closely with Eric as Tom Cruise in risky business. Freakin’ awesome!!