Janelle & Mike- Slide Show

Our first official visit to Laurel Creek Manor was marked by gorgeous weather, a tearful ceremony, a swinging party, and a couple truly in love. The way Mike and Janelle look at each other tells me this romance will last for a very long time. It has been our pleasure to get to know them over the last several months. Mike and Janelle, please keep in touch!



Kelli - Kali & Eric –

What an amazing job you both did in capturing all the special moments of Janelle and Mike’s wedding. The pictures are beautiful and with each one it brings me right back to that day and that exact moment the picture was taken. The photos really tell the story. Thanks!

Grandma Carol - \I told you–you can’t miss with pets and kids.

I Love your theme song, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

Katie Roberge - Congrats Mike and Janelle!! I wish we could have been there for your beautiful wedding day! You both look so amazing and truly in love! It makes me want to get married all over again!! We hope to see you both soon, again we are so happy for the both of you! Enjoy every minute together, you have such a bright future ahead of you 🙂

Love always,
Shawn and (cousin) Katie

Laurie Wadsworth - Kali and Eric…Your blog is great! You guys are so talented! I really like your logo. I love the photo of your cousin, his wife and the cute, cute baby. Well done! Love you both.

Ken - Excellent ~ beautiful couple and beautiful pictures…. Well done by all.

lindsey mair - Hi Kali! I found you because you left a comment on Linda’s blog! Your photos are so beautiful. I wish you lived closer so you could capture our baby. I am not sure if I ever invited you to see our blog but if you email me and lindseyorme@hotmail.com with your email address I can send you an invite. We need to be better about keeping in touch!

Laurel Creek Manor - Thanks for sharing the slideshow with us! The photos are beautiful, i am excited to see you two back here again this summer!

-Kirsten Cabodi
Laurel Creek Manor

First New Blog Post! -Nikki, Grayson & Axel

Welcome to our new blog! Eric has been working on it for a week or so. Please let us know what you think. I think I like it- bigger photos, sleeker look, easier to use. You may also notice our new logo. Its a wing, its a feather, its a swooshy shiny thing! We were attracted to its subtlety, abstraction and beauty. I thought of it as a burst of beautiful light, the kind we try to capture on all our shoots.

In the mean time, we are becoming quite enamored with pet photography! Dogs and cats are just so unpredictable, you never know what kind of crazy face or pose they are going to pull. I am going to be putting together a special pet package soon.  We want to make as many friends for Honey as possible!IMG_9824 copy copyIMG_9823IMG_9856IMG_9565 copy copyIMG_9581IMG_9564


Lindsay - Cool new blog. And pet photography. That’s gotta be challenging. Do they pee on stuff like newborns? 🙂

Kali - Honey has been the only pet to pee in the studio so far! And then we had one baby accident. Good thing we have those sealed concrete floors!

Darcy DeFrees - I absolutely love the blog! (and especially the tissue-lily-looking logo) That’s quite a handsome boxer, too 😉 Now I’m thinking I’ll have to hire you to take pictures of my cat!